Breaking through one wall or changing every room? Apartment refresh or mansion makeover? Let us help make it your dream home!
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Sound Renovating Solutions

Every home deserves a little makeover after a while. But sometimes even the best paint & interior decorations can’t make up for the outdated floorplan layout.

Let us help by piloting your Buying journey, no matter how much or how little you’d like to be involved in.

  • We can identify pain points in your existing floorplan and recommend solutions.
  • We uncover opportunities to turn dead spaces into usable, cozy spaces.
  • We share our network of reliable builders & tradies as well as supporting professionals in your area.
  • We can create statements of work & arrange quotes for your build (sections or the entire project).
  • We can provide independent advice & oversight of the renovation project.
  • We can even assist in the quality control & final handover stages.
  • We provide guidance on renovated comparison sales to avoid overspending on your valuable investment.

Talk to us about how we can help navigate through your unique situation.

Industry Networks

Avoid costly hiccups by benefiting from our network of reliable tradies. Let us take the stress out of your renovation.

Quality Control

Overseeing the execution of works will ensure 100% Quality results on completion. Let us make sure you get what you asked for.

Value for money

Spending the right amount on the right projects will ensure future resale value. Let us help protect your most precious asset.

Units are for grannies...

"Is that still the same place?"

Tired of loud parties in the apartment above her, Helen started looking at alternatives to apartment living, but with a budget too small for a house, she thought she’d have to just “deal with the noise”.

“I’m still young and don’t want to end up in one of those old, tiny units”, or so Helen worried. The idea of making-do with a narrow living room and a separate tiny kitchen didn’t sound appealing at all. Enter HAUS Property Solutions… clever changes to non-load bearing walls led to re-imagining the kitchen/laundry/bathroom spaces and creating a modern & airy open living/dining concept with added walk-in-pantry in the same footprint. In her own 4 walls, Helen now enjoys her freedom in her very own oasis.

  • Floorplan optimization
  • Project visualization
  • Renovation management

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